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Harry Strange Radio Drama TOS

Feb 7, 2011

Harry is asked to recover some stones by a new client.


Tonight's episode, Harry Strange 101, Comes a hero, is the first episode of Harry Strange. We are introduced to Lilith and Finny and get a brief glimpse into Harry's past.

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This episode was written and directed by Tony Sarrecchia and produced by Breanne Ahearn and Tony Sarrecchia. All material is copyright (c) by Tony Sarrecchia and used with his permission. 

Featured in tonights cast were: Kellen Stennett, Parisa Johnston, Jason Tyler, Ray Saltrelli and Sylvia Galan

Harry’s theme music was written and performed by Lance Haugen (Hogan) and is copyright by Lance Haugen and used by permission. Contact Lance at his email 
Incidental music was was written and performed by Kevin Macleod and is copyright by Kevin Macleod and used by permission. Visit for more of Kevin’s music. 

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Robert Lee Beers
over four years ago

I've been writing the Tony Mandolin Mysteries for several years, about a decade and just stumbled across your website. Three words, I Love This!