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Harry Strange Radio Drama TOS

Jul 15, 2018

Harry Strange episode 316: What Lovecraft Said Part 3 was written by Tony Sarrecchia and directed by Jason Tyler. Sound Design by Molly Silverman and Tony Sarrecchia. All material is copyright (c) 2018 by Tony Sarrecchia and used with his permission.


Featured in tonight’s cast were (in order of appearance): 


Kellen Stennett

Laura Corliss

Emma Greene

Emily Jane

Jackie Costello

Leanna Adams

Jason Tyler

Sketch MacQuinor

Tricia Groves

Joe Roesch

Stephanie Wilkinson



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Harry’s opening and closing theme music was written and performed by Ryan Lessard and is copyright by Ryan Lessard and used with his permission. Contact Ryan at:


Incidental music was written and performed by Kevin Macleod and is copyright by Kevin Macleod and used with his permission. Visit for more of Kevin’s music.


Sound effects licensed by


Harry Strange What Lovecraft Said parts one, two and three were recorded at the Atlanta Radio Theater Company Studios in Atlanta Georgia. David Benedict recording engineer.


The producers, cast, and crew of the Harry Strange Radio Drama would like to thank the following people for their support and encouragement throughout the years:


Ed Bonza

The Broadcasters Education Association

Jack Ward

Daniel Foytik

Earth Station One

Billy Flynn

Chris Seckinger

Bill Ritch

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company Tech Crew

Silly Snowman Radio

920: WON Radio

Scott Sigler

Cunning Minx

KSU Radio


The biggest thanks of all goes to our listeners:Thank you for an incredible three seasons!


For the Harry Strange Radio Drama, I am JoAnn Pruden. Goodnight and keep listening to audio drama.