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Harry Strange Radio Drama TOS

Help Support the Harry Strange Radio Drama

Jun 5, 2015

Gentle Listeners,

 In order to support the Harry Strange Radio Drama and assist in offsetting future costs, I have released the first season scripts in book format. By purchasing a print or Kindle copy, you not only get 400 heart-pumping pages of bourbon soaked, supernatural goodness, but you are helping with the cost...

Dec 25, 2011

            Once upon a time, in the 1600s; Lilith had something the angels wanted, but how far would they go to get it?  Includes a sneak preview to season 2!

            This ‘as told by’ story features the vocal talents of Parisa Johnston and was written by Tony Sarrecchia. All material is copyright © by Tony...

Feb 7, 2011

Harry is asked to recover some stones by a new client.


Tonight's episode, Harry Strange 101, Comes a hero, is the first episode of Harry Strange. We are introduced to Lilith and Finny and get a brief glimpse into Harry's past.

Special announcement: Own...