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Harry Strange Radio Drama TOS

Aug 27, 2023

It’s 1914 and sweeping change blanketed America like a shroud. Small towns decayed while cites bloated like a corpse in the sun under the weight of new arrivals, both foreign and domestic. Through it all, Moria Le Fanu finds her way to New York City to seek an audience with reclusive scientist Nikola Tesla. She knew that more than rustics and immigrants made their way to America; something darker, and unnatural. And she planned to enlist Tesla to help her destroy it.

Coming Winter 2023, The Monster Universe Audio Drama is a full cast radio play, featuring the vocal talents of: Andrea Laing (Adult Swim Yule Log, Atlanta, Strays) Michael Mau (A Blind Play of Social Forces, The Oval, Monarch), Emma Greene (The Harry Strange Radio Drama, Jeremiah Willstone, Dead by Midnight) and Matt Goodson (Willow of Ashes, Xenotech Rising, The Harry Strange Radio Drama Live) (full cast here); created by Tony Sarrecchia (The Harry Strange Radio Drama, the Lady Sherlock Mysteries, the Adventures of Scarlett Hood)

The podcast will be available from your favorite podcast aggregator (Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts and others) or directly from: 

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